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New Zealand Culture – The Poi Dance – Maori culture part 2..

Here is a link to a traditional dance of Maori women. 

We had this at school in the 1960s..Sometimes learned the dance at school. I love the carefree easy going song of this Poi Dance on U tube.

Here is the link..

However, my ancestry is mainly from the UK, plus Ireland, and Scotland , Cornish and Scandinavian and Western Europe. Mostly to me, that is a dim blur because I am 6th generation Kiwi.

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Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. I suspect I would sturggle to present a fair representation of the First People’s dances. Their culture is the first in the US.

    I love the picture, and the dance is very cool. I am familiar with the war dance (The Haka?) but this one was new to me!


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