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Nature Tuesday – Lloyd Elsmore Geese & Covid 19

Taken yesterday, by a pond not far from where I live there are birds of different types. There are mainly Mallard Ducks, but also Geese and Black backed Gulls and Seagulls.

I was going for a walk on Sunday and I was told about this pond and where it was by a passer by. Keeping their social distance, as required for Covid 19.

More photos will be shown soon.

New Zealand is in lockdown code 4 from tonight. No one goes to work except essential services. Most people with the Coronavirus are people returning or from overseas. 

All people returning from overseas are required by law to self isolaty for 14 days. In actual fact of tonight all New Zealanders are going to self isolate for 4 weeks from now.

No, we have had no one die, nor do we want that but a growing number have got the Coronavirus. As a nation we are not equiped with the medical staff for this emergency. 

People 70 and over or with respiratory problems had to be isolated first.

Consequently, I got some supplies today that were essential from places. There were queques of people keeping their social distance for the Chemist Warehouse in Botany Downs and in Animates where I got supplies for our Rui Budgie. 

No cafes will be open, no picture theatres, no social gatherings, even visiting a friend is forbidden. Travel is banned. Even now the gates will be soon closed to returning New Zealanders.

The only workers allowed out are essential services, like supermarkets, medical staff and that which is considered essential. Vets are also considered essential . We must ring the Dr and talk to the Dr over the phone not see them in person. Gyms and libraries, picture theatres are closed. TV staff and radio staff are considered essential. 

Our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made the sensible decision due to learning about the Coronavirus in Italy.  We have fewer people than many countries but have jumped the gun before the situation gets more serious.

Unfortunately people have been stock piling on items in the supermarkets, there is no need, New Zealand has plenty of food.

The lockdown will be until the threat of this virus has passed. A sensible decision I think. 

Some people have fully recovered from the Coronavirus and so far, no one has died. Some are still in hospital. 

Yes, we can go for a walk if we want, because we can do that here without giving anyone an infection and sometimes we can drive. Our nearby beaches are isolated enough with no people or few …

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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. In Spain, the measures are very strict. You have the right to work with a permit for this. The location of the site and where you live must also be indicated. In the car you have to travel alone with a mask and gloves. I try to go to the shop every two weeks. I miss the walks. There are only 3 carriers in the city where the chewing gum is. No dead. But this does not free us from rigorous measures.

    • That is very interesting Elenka. As a household we go together in the car. I put the mask and gloves on if I get out of the car to do essential shopping.

      Permits for work may be practical…We are allowed to go for walks

  2. With us, complete quarantine has been around since 14.3 – basically everything has existed …. only grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and post office … everything else is closed

  3. Yesterday, I went to the chemists shop and he was telling me about how people are buy medicines and food like it is the end of the world.
    Lovely pictures Pamela, we have been advised not to go to parks and public places, so no walks either.

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