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Mystic's Souk – WIP

The owner of this souk will be selling items for magic users; you know, stuff like reagents, scrolls and tabulas, spellbooks and suchlike. But what shall I call the souk? I’ve got some ideas but perhaps you have some better ones?

FYI, the word souk or souq means market in Arabic, but I am using it here to indicate stalls

  • Question of

    so what sounds best?

    • mystic’s souk
    • souk of hidden knowledge
    • souk of arcane arts
    • souk of the magi
    • crazy jaffar’s big souk of big spells
    • little souk of horrors
    • thaumaturgical supply souk
    • Voilodion Ghagnasdiak’s vanishing souk
  • Question of

    do you like crazy spells at crazy low prices?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I prefer rational spells at reasonable prices…


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