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More fun with the potion vendor – WIP

So I still haven’t got the potion vendor sorted, but she’s just about ready for the big render. All I need to do is sort out those pesky crystals. I thought I had a solution, more on that later…

#1 raw emerald

My original idea was to have a crystal on the shelf. I tried the emerald texture but that didn't get it done...

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#2 desert emerald

it works a little better here, but now I don't like it next to the green potion...

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#3 raw jade

I thought it would be a really bitchen callback to put the jade toad on the shelf but it is just too small...

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  1. Did she steal it from the Eldritch girl? 😄 Potions and crystals, perhaps a raw ingredient would work. Something in a bowl, or better, in a jar.
    Crystals might do anyway, maybe of a neutral color.
    I like the white one in the foreground.
    But I guess it’s more about the size, and shape, than the color.

#4 desert jade

yeah, I could stick something else up there with it but the sculpture would just get lost up there, gotta try something else...

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What do you think?

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