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My first cup of coffee after 11 years

Before I decided to have my first baby, I bought several books about pregnancy and parenting as I would like to learn to be a good mom and I had no experience taking care of any other kids before. I read that caffeine is not good for baby’s brain and it’s advisable not to intake any coffee or at least at minimal level. I had been drinking a cup or two of coffee almost every day since I was studying in high school, as coffee helped me to boost up my energy and calm down myself as well. Though I was trying to quit drinking coffee a few times as I just didn’t want myself to be too rely on coffee (though I didn’t think I was addicted to it), I still didn’t make it.

Since I made the decision of quitting coffee, I never even drink a sip of coffee since then even though people around me have been drinking coffee daily. I still enjoy the aroma of the coffee even though I couldn’t drink it. Well, why 11 years? It’s because I also stopped drinking coffee when I was breastfeeding my baby, then I have my second and third child. Now that I finally stop breastfeeding my youngest, and I can start drinking coffee again.

I just made my first cup of coffee after more than 11 years. Though the taste is still the same, I found that I don’t enjoy as much as I did. I guess I won’t fall back to the habit of drinking coffee everyday again.

Do you like drinking coffee?

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  1. I love the photo on the cover!!! I like drinking coffee although should not drink it that much… I understand your story because I heard about that too… I was also wondering if you noticed some changes when you stopped drinking it, I heard there are many benefits when not drinking it…..?! 🙂 Thanks

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