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My Brother is in Saudi Arabia

Hy friends you know it is a honour for a family in Pakistan if a member of the family is serving in Saudi Arabia. I was meet with a family some days ago, they are so much happy that her brother is in Saudi Arabia. She told me that her all requirements are easy don because her brother is in Saudi Arabia. If any sickness come in there family the asked her brother for money. If any marriage planned in she call to her brotjer and demand money. If she want laptop or good quality mobile phone, she call her brother for money.

Brother who is labour in Saudi Arabia and do work in construction company. How he earn money you can see in the photo. The brother work hard and hard also do very risky job but he want earn more and more money for his family.

He do more work when his sister request for some thang like mobile phone, laptop or money.

We all are know that what is the labour work. He wake up early in the morning and reached on the work place and do the work for whole day till the dark. He earn not sufficient money because he is a daily wages labour. So for completing his family requirement he do more and more work. We all should feel the difficulties of the labour and avoid to call brother for unnecessary requirements.

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  1. As Andre said, problems of all of us are the lack of jobs in our own country, and that happens everywhere. I know enough about labor problems because, in addition to my main profession, I am also an activist of mass organizations, one of which is to take care of or advocate for labor problems.
    Hopefully, your brother who has to work hard with full of risks remains safe and healthy as the backbone of the family.

  2. I would be extremely worried about the Health and Safety rules in force for the workers in that photo. Those guys at the top appear to be walking on poles, not boards, and they have no safety edge boards in place either. On the other hand, they do appear to be wearing harnesses – but are they attached to something solid at all times?

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