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Monkey in the tree

We went hiking this morning. There were many monkeys along the track. These monkeys were not afraid of human, and they seem to keep approaching us. My friends said, it’s because they saw us carrying bags, and wondering if they can get any food from us.

There was a time, several monkeys sitting near the road watching us, and one of them even threw a stick to me. I found it so amusing, and think monkeys are really playful or mischievous. My youngest son was born in the Year of Monkey, and no wonder he seems to be more “challenging” to me.

I didn’t dare to go near the monkeys, and when they were approaching us, I just slowly walked away as I was afraid they might scratch us (I was carrying my youngest son). But it was fun to see them swinging from tree to tree, and enjoying themselves in the tree.

Picture was taken by @kaka135

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