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Mistakes That Don’t Make Your Eggs Look Good

Food experts have discovered what mistakes to avoid when preparing eggs

Although the preparation of eggs seems easy, many people make mistakes without being aware, so their meal does not turn out as they wanted.

Fried eggs

Common mistakes:  Over-cooked egg yolks, under-processed egg whites, and stirring eggs too often while baking.

 Solution:   Fry the eggs for a little longer at low heat and briefly cover the pan.

Scrambled eggs

Mistakes:  Overcooking and the wrong way to mix

Solution:  Remove the eggs from the stove while they are still ‘moist’ and while stir frying constantly stir in large movements and turn.

Hard boiled eggs

Mistakes:  Egg cracking when placed in a pot, overcooked and clumsily peeled.

Solutions:  Put the eggs in hot water immediately and when done place them immediately in the ‘cold bath’.

OmeletMistakes:  Boiling and adding raw fillings. Solutions:  Remove the omelet from the pan while the inside is still moist, and prepare the stuffing first, e.g. mushrooms and onions.

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