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Mineral Protector Vs. Chemical protector: what are the differences?

The summer is near and we should protect our skin from the solar radiation. This year, and after reading some studies about chemical filters I decided to buy mineral filters protectors for us all.

When choosing a sunscreen we must take into account several aspects, in addition to the Sun Protection Factor – SPF, it is essential to take into account the type and characteristics of our skin. Another aspect that can generate confusion is to know if the protector is of physical/mineral or chemical character.

There are several sunscreens designed to protect against solar radiation and thus sunburn and premature aging. But there are certainly differences between them, fundamentally as regards their composition and the way they act.

Here are the differences:

Physical / mineral sunscreens

– They form a “physical barrier” (thick film on the skin), which allows to protect the skin from solar radiation by reflecting the rays, without absorbing them;

– Given this physical barrier, they sometimes present a cosmetically less pleasant application;

– They are especially suitable for children and people with intolerant and sensitive skin;

– Example of substances present in the composition of this protector responsible for this barrier: zinc oxide; titanium dioxide; among others.

Chemical sunscreens

– These protectors exert their protection through the absorption of solar radiation;

– May cause allergic reactions in people with more sensitive skin;

– Examples of substances present in the composition of this shield responsible for the absorption of radiation: various organic substances such as benzophenones; octocrylene; among others.

There are also sunscreens, which are a junction of the two previous types (both absorb and reflect UV rays).

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    Which type of sunscreen do you use?

    • Physical / mineral
    • Chemical
    • Both
    • I don’t use sunscreen
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    Were you aware of these differences?

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