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Meet Kitty!

Cats can improve our health, say scientists! That’s it, I can not contradict them because I do not know! What I know is that Kitty reduces my daily stress and induces a good feeling! Lack of stress can lead to a better health condition, so the researchers could be right!

This is Kitty! Kitty is part of our family, and Maya‘s best friend. Maya was several times present in the pages of my blog, but Kitty was less present. Now it’s her turn to be here!?

  • Do you think cats can cure some diseases?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. Well hello Kitty. My you sure are a very pretty little cat with such beautiful eyes. Now help your mommy by chilling with her, bring her blood pressure down and generally make her relax and laugh at your antics. Yes Ileana, the studies are right. Cats are excellent mood stabilizers and lifters. Dogs are great too but they do need to go out more and most of them require daily walks which can be challenging (due to lack of time or energy) but also gratifying as dogs exercise their owner and keep them in shape.

    • Hi there !! Kitty and Maya say hello, too! ?I love your comments! I’m enjoying reading them! I often talk to my animals just as you do! As I said my pets are my zootherapy! Kitty takes my negative energies and Maya loads me with positive energies!

      • Great to hear about Kitty and Maya and also the fact that you talk to your dear pets. I am always talking to and for animals except for snakes that is. That is one type of animal, sometime pet, that gives me the ijjy beejies. I do not like their slithering. How about you?

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