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Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet is my natural diet since ever. I grow up eating this type of food and it is now the food that I am giving to my children as well.

Basically, this type of food is characterized by higher consumption of vegetable products like fruit, cereals, vegetables, and all sort of beans reducing the consumption of red meat as much as possible and giving preference to controlled consumption of white meat, like chicken. There are many researches that associate the Mediterranean diet with longer longevity and reduced risk of developing certain cardiovascular diseases.

To follow this diet you should opt for soups and high consumption of vegetables and olive oil; use herbs instead of using salt; consume more fish than meat, and drink water above all other beverages.

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Written by nela13


  1. Because of globalization, many Southern Europeans are switching to unhealthy diets and that’s quite unfortunate. It’s great to hear you keep the “tradition” alive by giving the same food to your children! The Mediterranean diet is also sustainable, it’s a list of eating habits our ancestors followed, and they depended on what the land could offer at the time. We’re supposed to adapt to the land, and not vice versa. ?
    I wouldn’t expect the Inuit to follow this diet and I suppose it wouldn’t really benefit them. ?

  2. Having been used to a particular diet for years it would be difficult now to switch over to anything else even though it could be a healthier diet.