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May 20 – World Bee Day

May 20 – World Bee Day.

The day was announced in 2017 in order to inform the public about the importance of bees. 

Of the known 20,000 species of bees in the world, only 11 species collect and store honey. 

Of these, 4 species are used intensively by humans. 

But, in addition, bees pollinate all plants that man has cultivated as his food. 

Due to the use of pesticides, many bee families are dying, which threatens the pollination of plants.

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Written by Georgi Tsachev


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  1. Thank you Georgi for writing this piece. I meant to write about it because bees are my most favorite creatures in the whole world and I even wrote a reminder for myself with notes, but I still forgot to look. (lol)😁


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