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Back in the city, Negro used to sleep on an old couch, so we decided to make him a bed that resemble on his favorite. Four pallets later (and an old mattress above), he had his ottoman. It was such a pleasure seeing our doggy happy, but a headache thinking of how to keep cats away, because Negro is very jealous. Fortunately, our puppy solved this problem by letting cats lie on his bed. More of that, he enjoyed sleeping in a crowd. His best ”couch buddies” are Spook and Nera. And Nemanja, every time he shows up from rambling around.


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  1. What a great combination dogs and cats make when they get used to each other. My cat Runt used to stop my sweet Tasha in her tracks and just give her what looked like a big cat-bear hug and hang around her neck. It was laughable but all very cute and endearing.

  2. I smiled of the fact Negro is very jealous so the puppy solved the problem. So his best friends are Spook and Nera and the other little guy who shows up