Mangoes Produced In Pakistan Are Considered Among ‘The Best’ In The World

If the Lion is considered the ‘King of Jungle,’ Mango is considered the ‘King of Fruits’ as it happens to be the most delicious, tasty and loved-by-all natural fruit globally. In Pakistan, you can find countless mango growing farms in the entire four provinces of Pakistan i.e. Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and KPK with several tons of annual production.Being an agricultural country, Pakistan produces countless fruits and wide variety of vegetables as part and parcel of this particular sector. As far as Mango production, Pakistani mango growers are well aware of the importance of this crop and this is why; my country is regarded as the “4th Largest Mango Producing Nation” in the entire world.The annual estimated global figures suggest that nearly 0ne hundred countries collectively produce over ‘25 million tons’ while Pakistan alone contributes with ‘7178.8 thousand tons’ of mangoes each year. And why mangoes are consumed in such a huge quantity all over the world because this fruit is blessed not only with delicious taste and flavor but it contains several excellent nutritional properties too.

If other countries (China or Brazil for instance) cultivate ‘Haden,’ ‘Kent,’ ‘Keitt’ or Tommy Atkins,’ following are few of the most popular cultivars of Pakistan:

  1. Langra
  2. Chaunsa
  3. Sindhri
  4. Anwar Ratul
  5. Dasehri
  6. Fajri
  7. Maldha

It’s a true blessing that my country has got natural agro-climatic conditions, perfectly suitable for growing multiple kinds and types of fruits and vegetables; permitting quality and tailor-made conditions for the production of mangoes in particular. Mango production is thus one among several other valuable sources; for racking in lucrative foreign exchange.


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Written by Nadeem Iftekhar