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Macro Monday – Gymnocalycium Capillaense

This is a macro of another of my Cacti – Gymnocalycium Capillaense in bloom. We have had so many blooms in the last few days from this one mother cactus. Everyday I eagerly await for one of the buds to bloom. These blooms are short lived, they are in show just for a few hours, they bloom around 11 am and close by around 5 p.m.

Its the greatest reward for any gardener to have his or her plants bloom or give fruit. These cacti bloom once a year in summer so they become all the more special to me. I have waited for 3 years before this one even started to bloom , now I have learned the secret to make them bloom each year. A little care goes a long way. I start the feeding process early in spring, I feed these cacti heavy organic feeds twice a month  and in summer they double in size and are ready to bloom  almost every day.

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