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Macro Monday ~ Big Garden Snail

I will start cultivating my garden soon. I have unwanted visitors every year and these are snails. Today I read various tips on snails and also found these interesting facts.

Young snails have translucent houses. Because they are not protected from the sun, they eat at night. The older they are, the bigger and stronger their house is, which is yellow-brown in color and is of limestone. Sometimes the house that is their home gets damaged. At that time they apply their mastery skills and correct them themselves, from the inside. If a snail happens to be out of the house, it dries and dies.

It moves very slowly. It even takes a minute to overcome a distance of 6 inches. Only when he is in a hurry. It moves with the mucus that covers his leg. It leaves behind a slimy glowing trail. It requires water to produce mucus, which is why it is most commonly found in humid environments.

The snail feeds on herbs, garden vegetables, and fruits. He loves salad, kale, and cabbage.

The snail sleeps a lot. Sleeps all winter and naps in summer when there is drought.

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