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Love to your child

Do you know how deceitful the passing time is? Sometimes he flees and runs, sometimes even mercilessly surpassing us. Sometimes it slows down pleasantly or annoyingly. And in other cases, it sometimes freezes in a moment that goes on to infinity. 

Meanwhile, the clock beats seconds in the same rhythm. Everything enters into that rhythm: our joy, our waiting, our rush. Doubts and searches. Our peace and the pain, fear, despair that binds us. The latter is the most terrible. Time is not moving then. The clock is ticking not for us. Grabbed the moment, we try not to break into pieces until time starts to flow again.

Everything around becomes so fragile – it seems enough to move, speak louder, or exhale all the air from your lungs; that seems to be enough to make the world shake underfoot.

The moment when I saw falling my boy from the swings. It happened years ago but I remember that moment till now. You see that he will fall, but you know that can’t do anything to prevent this. And then his cut through forehead, blood, wound sewing…

So far, I didn’t know how badly it hurts when it hurts your child. How much strength there is in that pain, how much fragile hope and how strong is the belief that everything will be well soon. Time stops and stretches to infinity – intangible, without beginning and endless, painfully aching the entire body till the fingers’ tops.

No matter how old is your child, love to him is in every step, every moment, every second.

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  1. My late godfather included me as one of his children since my parents had named him as guardian if anything should happen to them. He always said children should be loved and supported until their retirement years simply meaning forever


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