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Being strong

Being strong does not mean that you will hit the concrete walls and step over the burning lava with a stone face. As we go through the burning lava we cry out in pain. We feel deeply the wounds it leaves because we were never created to be robots.

Being strong does not mean that you will never start crying or start doubting your decisions. Being strong does not mean that you will never get tired and you will not want to give up.

Inner strength leads us forward when we hardly find a road. It allows us to be weak when we are tired and when we seem to be unable to take a step.

We are falling down like a lego from which the Colored Tower was recently built. But lego is lego. No matter how many times everything goes down – you can build again.

I have never met a strong man who has nothing to say. Everybody was falling down, certainly not once. Everybody had losses. But every one of them – did not give up.

True strength is not a constantly raised chin, a sharp gaze, or an impersonal force that requires the pain of another to generate. The real strength is when you fall down. As many times as needed, even if out of tears’ swamp. 

This is growth. It is a choice to move from one stage to another. It is a belief stronger than all fears. And when you seem to be no longer able to, when you feel pain –  defeat it.

Do not feed yourself by saying that you are a loser.Know your strength, give it time to wake up if you need to, and then stand up and go on.

You came not to fail.You have come to nurture and grow what you carry inside – an inner strength that, in spite of everything, leads you on paths that you see as impossible to overcome.

Failure can only happen if one chooses never to stand up; if one neglects faith and gives in to fear, but life is an ever-moving and ever-changing process, making it difficult to reconcile with failure.

Man often plunges into suffering. Suffering is not the end. Suffering is just another stop, how long you will stay there – it depends on how quickly you can recover. You can also measure your strength by doing so.

Grow your inner strength every day…

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