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I love food. Do you? (poll)

I love food and all kinds of it .From good foods to not so good , Health foods to candy;s and all in between. I love chicken,steak, beans, noodles and so much more.  I have never had many things like lobster,fancy foods and not so cheap foods. I have always just ate what my mom made or something cheap from the store or a fast food drive through. What kind of foods do you like?

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    donuts v cookies

    • donuts
    • cookies
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    subs v pizza

    • subs
    • pizza
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    Lobster v Fish

    • lobster
    • fish
      A delicious filet of rich Black Cod served atop braised brussel sprouts, kale, fennel and tomato. Shallow dof.
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    Noodle v Rice

    • Noodles
    • Rice
      Cauliflower rice with basil close up in a bowl on the table. horizontal top view
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    Hot Dog v Brats

    • Hot Dog
    • Brats


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