Today’s achievement: Going to the park in the morning ~ 2019-03-09

I always wanted to bring my kids to the park in the morning, especially during weekends, but sometimes I am just too lazy to leave my computer and go to the park. Moreover, we are already going to the park every evening, hence I think there’s enough outdoor time or exercise for them.

This morning, all my kids woke up very early including my 3 year old boy. Though I wanted to continue checking out posts at Virily and also doing my other online stuff, I made the decision to leave my computer chair and walk to the park. It’s still very nice to walk in the park in the early morning, with the fresh air and less noises. I also invited a neighbor to bring her kids for jogging together tomorrow. My kids are looking forward to that too.

Besides going to the park, I got to learn some simple techniques for teaching Math operations using abacus. I also shared it with a friend whose just recently told me her kid is having problem understanding the simple operations. I actually wanted to do more today, especially tidying up my living room, but I didn’t. Well, I will just have to leave that to tomorrow.

What have you achieved today?

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