Let's admit it – going for a haircut is a worrying situation

Three months is a long time to stay away from a haircut.  But that is the truth.  Even though in some countries salons are open not many visit them for hear of the disease  Despite protocol there is no guarantee that all is well at salons. 

What do we do then?  

1. Change your hairstyle?

2. Wear a hat?

3. Get someone inside the house to cut your hair?

4. Be daring and take the risk? 

As for me I may ask the main to trim my hair. 

  • Have you gone to the salon recently to have your hair cut?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

Written by grace


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  1. Hairdressers and barbers opened here for the first time this week. There have been 4 or 5 cases of covid in my nearest town, which means the risk is low but it is not zero. Last time I had visited the barbers was in January, so by the time lockdown arrived I was already in need of a chop! My daughter cut my hair (quite adequately if not too stylishly 😉 ) but now I need it cut again. Will I brave going t the barber? I doubt it. Hey daughter, here is the scissors again! 😀

  2. I usually get an hair cut weekly or atleast twice per month. About two months ago, I didn’t go for a hair and shave cut for a month. I kinda of looked like a monster, and they were itching.


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