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Kosher nutrition rules

Kosher food is that one that is in accordance with the Jewish law, namely Torah. Since there is no typical Israel, there is no typical Israeli cuisine, but it is a unique mix of dishes from different parts of the world in which the Jews were living by historical circumstances.

In Israel, many, especially conservative and orthodox Jews, in everyday life strictly adhere to religious rules that apply to food that must be kosher, that is, in accordance with the law of the food allowed by Torah. This means that the meals are prepared, cooked and combined exactly in a certain way. For example, it is allowed to eat meat of mammals and herbivores – cattle, goats, sheep, buffalo and deer, poultry, chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese, while pig meat and birds of prey and their eggs are forbidden.

Torah allows the consumption of fish with fins and shells such as sea bass, trout, carp, cod and salmon, but also tuna, while shellfish, molluscs, lobsters and crustaceans and marine mammals are forbidden. To allow the meat that is allowed to be kosher, it must be stored according to the orders of Torah, so that the veins and fats are removed from the meat for this purpose, and it covers the salt and leaves all blood spilled because its consumption is also prohibited. Among the prohibitions is the simultaneous consumption, and the joint storage, preparation and cooking of meat and milk, so the families have two sets of dishes, plates and accessories, and two refrigerators.

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