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It’s Summer Time!

After my daughter’s graduation on April 05, she told me that she wants to apply for a teaching position through the job fair conducted in the place where I am also working. I accompanied her to the place where the job fair is being conducted and left her there while I go to the office. I fetched her in my mother’s house in the afternoon and we went home together.

The weather is too hot! It’s officially summer in our place. We decided to have a snack in a certain restaurant. We ordered some pasta and for dessert, I ordered a bowl of sweetened fruits with shaved ice, evaporated milk and ice cream on top. We call this ‘halo-halo’.

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    • Thank you for dropping by, Carol. Yes, I know it is spring in some parts of the world. We don’t have that season in our country. We only have a rainy season and summer. We don’t have snow so we are happy to have shaved ice as part of our dessert.

    • Hi, Alibb! Thank you for dropping by. That’s good to know. I also tasted a similar dessert from a Korean restaurant. When Filipinos started patronizing K-pop and Korean telenovelas, they started to place shops and restaurants in our place. It’s a good thing as we have a chance to experience foods from other countries.

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