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It’s Only 6:06 am

This is what is happening in my home! Everyone has been fed and watched or listened to some of the news. My husband in back in bed. My brother  is simply sitting in his recliner and watching the hospice people watch him. 

As for me I have a load of laundry going. And it’s time for me to check and see what goals I have set for the day. Humm, these were my goals August 31st ~ Help Bro and husband make it through the day as they remember the loss of a  Family member. Call to confirm or change plans for Labor Day.

I have not reminded them that this is the day and I am sure at least my Bro in aware. He seems to be in fairly good spirits. He made it down the stairs without falling this morning, so he did a version of a mini jig. (It really is the simple things that keep us going in this house.)

As for Labor Day, I am most confused. Too many people got involved. I know that I have to work four hours. As for anything after that everything is up in the air. Unless someone makes a big plans and insists, I think it will be staying home.

I did get a work assignment today. I am hoping some of you might contribute…stay tuned. 

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