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Accountabilty Day 196

Okay, the picture made me laugh. I was simply looking for a picture of a dust pan. You can ignore the money, just consider them tasks that need to be done!

So yesterday I reached my goals and most fun was ~ Show gratitude to a stranger. I watched a young man help an elderly woman that he clearly didn’t know get her groceries loaded in the car. She tried to pay him and he said “It has been an honor to serve.”

I just couldn’t let that go. “I walked over and said “Thank you for being such a great example to all of today.” I always have thank you cards in the card and I had scribbled a little message in there and included a gift card I (which I keep in the cards). 

I handed it to him and hurried off. If you don’t hurry off they try and return it. 

  • Are you ever grateful for a to do list?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. I do not have any list … I do what I see to be done … sometimes I write a list for the store so that I can not forget

  2. I usually have a to-do list if there are several important things that need to be accomplished within certain time constraints. What you did was wonderful. So many times good deeds aren’t even appreciated.

  3. I’m often grateful for things that I need to do or have to do because it reminds me that I still CAN do them. For that matter, although I don’t like adversity when it happens, later on, I’m usually grateful because of it because I’ll realize that I learned something or gained something in the process.

      • Thank you and thank him for me. I’m still working on becoming wise(r). It is an endless path that I walk and it is one that can surely help me to be humble. If I don’t approach it with humility, I usually get slapped down…hard.