I Give Too Much To My Family

My family demands 98% of my time, and it can be frustrating at times – I have things that I need to do as an adult woman, and other than the just for me stuff it impacts them as well. I try to squeeze in my work from home stuff in whenever I can, as that is very important for an income to support said family. But because I’m home all day now, they see me as being available whenever they need me – but having a job doesn’t stop them from making their demands either, they just wait until I get home before it’s 50 million demands time.

I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong, I love my family very much. But their demands are exceeding what I have to give – I’m disabled with multiple chronic conditions, including depression and anxiety. I want to support my family monetarily by doing what I love to do – writing, photography, life coaching, and writing coaching – but sometimes they make it next to impossible to do anything that I need to do! Constant demands for things, for attention, for trips out – if one person isn’t asking, another will be!

Perhaps my time management is part of the issue, as I’ve always had a problem with that. Maybe I could read up on that and somehow structure my time around all the demands on my time. I’m not sure how though, as the demands come from nowhere usually – the stuff I already know about I could adjust for. I’ll figure this out, somehow – I need to make things work because I have dreams and goals to reach!

Any advice?


What do you think?