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It Would Appear…

that the world is now awake and Doc will have many posts to read. I am certain he will make his goal and all will be well. There’s no need for me to make certain he has enough.  I hope he finds something that tweaks his interest on here today.

As for me, well I have no plans at all. This is new for me. (Oh wait, I did say we would go for a drive so my husband could sleep.)

Other than that tonight I am going to crawl into my bed and hope for the quiet to finally settle in. I need the quiet. I am more than prepared. If I don’t stop by today, I hope you all have a great fall back day and have plenty to keep your world interesting.

  • Did you enjoy an extra hour of sleep today?

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  • Do you think my husband will ever get used to us?

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    • Carol, if you are not sitting down, please sit down before you read this comment. Are you sitting?

      Last evening the grandsons were here and they asked Grandpa if he ever prayed and he said yes, but he didn’t often do it aloud.

      The youngest said, “Well can you say one that I can understand?” ( I have never heard my husband pray aloud and didn’t know what to expect.) It was unconventional. I am sure not what the boys expected. I was surprised and touch. (I cheated and recorded it on my phone. Here is the transcript. “Hey, Heavenly Father, the boys don’t know that I pray, so I am letting them listen tonight because they asked. I know you are very busy taking care of so much, thanks for all you do. Please calm down ~~~~~~~~ she is so worried it makes us all nervous. When her brother goes home to you, please make her calm.

      Now about bluebirds. I am not sure what the thing is but Dustin’s Garden and Carol need them there. It brings me comfort and I think it does Carol as well. So do whatever it takes, give them flight, strong winds or whisper directions, and please get them there.

      Heavenly Father, we probably don’t say it enough. Thanks for making this world for us to come visit and learn. Thanks for making a place for us when it is time to go home and please give my Mom a hug. She’s been up there without us all a long time. We love you and goodnight.”

      So Carol keep those blue birds coming because your life and experiences make my life and experiences better.

      Carol is not the only one. She was the one that granted me a deep and restful sleep last night.

  1. We went out in the morning, as my husband had a bowling friendly competition this morning. I was tired when I came home and took an hour nap. My kids were playing on their own. It’s a relaxing day to me. Hope you’ll get a quiet and relaxing day too! ^_^

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