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Introduction to the FastStone Image Viewer Image Editor

There are many image editors that people can use for their digital images and some are better than others. This is an introduction to one of them, called the FastStone Image Viewer. This is the one that I use for my images and it is one that I recommend.

What is special about FastStone? 

To begin with, it is free to download and to use, though there is also a paid version. It is easy to use and is simple enough that people who are non-technical can use it. However, it has so many robust features that people who are more technically-minded can also have a blast using it. 

FastStone has features that many other image editors also have. An image can be easily resized in file size, resolution, or dimensions. Images can be annotated. They can be rotated. A person can draw lines, circles, arrows, and so forth on images. Images can be changed to different file types, including (and not limited to) jpg, gif, png, tiff, pdf, BMP, and PCX. Nearly all of the defaults can be changed and they then become the new defaults until they are again changed. 

When the program is initially installed, it also indexes all of the images that are on the system. The file system of the computer is also displayed in a way that makes it easy to switch between one folder and another by simply clicking.

Images can be cropped, moved, copied, or deleted quite easily. They can also be renamed if that is desired. In fact, they can be batch-renamed, meaning that a number of images can be renamed at the same time.

Advanced features include the ability to lighten or darken images or to make the image crisper or softer. Color images can also be easily converted to black and white or grayscale. FastStone also has an easy printer interface, should a person want to print out their image. 

Although FastStone Image Viewer is a full-function image editor, it also allows a person to watch video clips that are stored on the computer. 

Moving forward, I will explain some of the features that are most apt to be used by a novice. The same features are also handy for the advanced user. 

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Written by Rex Trulove

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  1. It’s quite interesting to learn a new image editing program such as FastStone Image viewer. As of now, I am using online programs to edit graphics I needed for my blogs. But it is also good to know other programs that we can use directly via our computers. Thank you for sharing.


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