Ileana's watercraft challenge – We did not take that boat!!

My sister was 14 and I 11 when we ventured out on our own to spend our summer holidays with cousins who lived across the river. 

It was a tedious journey. We first had to take a bus and that took quite a few hours. We reached the river bank and looked around to see if anyone had to come to pick us up.  That was the arrangement.  But no one turned up.  The vastness of the river and the mid afternoon sun put us off.  We were not prepared to venture out on our own.  A boatman had approached us.  We were scared to take that risk.   What if……? 

We decided to walk instead as we were told there was a bridge that we could cross. We did come to the bridge but not after crossing over small water bodies that had just some weak looking bark of a tree that served as a bridge. We crossed to the other side and again started walking not knowing the address. But as luck would have it they spotted us They said they did not get our mail!!!

Not a happy story to share. 

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