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If it was the last day of your life…

Sometimes I think about how I would behave if I knew that there were only 24 hours left to live: would I fly around the world or just lay down hugging my beloved family? Would I make an unforgettable farewell party, or would I shoot myself right away?

One day is not enough to fulfill your delayed dreams, it will not be enough to even complete the half-done works.

One day is too much for you to keep crying and drive those around you crazy with your complaints.

No, actually, I would like to keep up with only one thing – to thank everyone who has taught me to love life. I would tell them how good I was together – talking, dreaming, creating, getting to know the world, enjoying, and even grieving. I want them to know and appreciate every moment.

I won’t put it off for the last day of my life.I will do it today.

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  1. There is a great song with the line, live like you are dying.

    i think we have to continue to do the right things. Yes we have to accept the bad and move on, but we still have to stand up, we still have to fight for what is right.

  2. It depends a lot, of course, on the state of your health at that time, that you have only 24 hours left.

    My mother, for example, died of cancer, and she was given 1 month to live.

    My sister’s 50th birthday was in 3 months time though. My mother wanted to make that for my sister.

    She made it just, and she died one day after, the birthday (She also didn’t want to die on the actual birthday either. What type of a present and interuption to the birthday would that have been?).

    So, she had 24 hours to live after her period of hanging on.

    But, all she could do was to stay in bed, and wait. There was nothing else she could do, she was too sick.

  3. The day I lost my soul mate I knew that nothing in this world would ever scare me again. So if someone said I had only one more day to live I would through a huge party even if I had to drag people off the street and then look forward to seeing my soul mate and my loved ones.


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