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I See The Light Coming Through

It terrible to remain in the dark making guesses and hoping things are fine. It leaves a lot to the imagination, and to a terrified mind it means fear and hopelessness. To the sound mind it could be a wait and watch time or just making educated guesses and taking  calculated risks.

On another site I work it is dark days now. There is no communication, nothing happening and people are left in limbo. We really don’t know what would happen next or if anything would happen at all. Each one is making his/her own guesses and doing things they way the see it.  I am just trudging along waiting and watching, but I am clear that I wont waste my time and effort there until things clear up.  I will hanging on until then.

However, I am grateful that the same site helped me learn so much, earn a decent amount every few days  and made me strive to write better and do a  through research before writing stuff.

I am thankful that I can still put my abilities to good use and not waste my time.  I am gratefulfor the opportunities that online work provides me. The earning  may not be much here on Virily but I am grateful for the fact that I am working on my photography skills. I enjoy the time I spend here and that stops me for becoming negative about what happens around me online. I have seen four sites I have been working with bite the dust this year.

I am glad Virily is making changes for the better.  Kudos to you Virily, I know it is hard work all the way for sites like these.

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