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I Miss Boxing

I miss boxing. I used to hit the gym a lot of before to keep myself healthy and active. But now that I have two clients, I can no longer do it. Plus, I have been feeling sick lately due to stress and lack of sleep. Any physical activity will do to keep yourself in good health. Instead of taking the lift, why don’t you take the stairs? Typically, I do this when I don’t get to exercise, and it quite helps. Hopefully, I’d be able to go to the gym next week and do boxing. Or if not, I’d just do some simple workouts at home.

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  1. When I am bogged down with school, and work I try to get workouts in enroute to my destinations or little workouts at them. Luckily my college campus had a gym, so I was able to get in a workout on campus in-between classes. I remember telling my classmates that in order to stay in shape I take the stairs versus using the elevator. At work, on downtime I’d do a set of push ups and leg lifts.

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