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Hugs And Kisses

With Covid19 (Corona Virus) reaching all continents expect the Antarctica ,experts are suggesting that people avoid hugging and kissing or any show of affection like pecks on the cheeks ,high fives or even reduce formal handshakes to avoid spreading the disease.

KIng Henry the VI is said to have banned kissing in 1439 to combat the spread of the plague.

The fact that Italy has become the epicenter of the disease now and spreading it to various European countries  calls for stricter measures to  avoid infection. Wearing the specially recommend masks, washing of hands frequently with soap and water, using hand sanitizers often and even isolating oneself if you have  any symptoms of cold cough, fever etc. getting a proper medical check up done would contain the risk of spreading the virus any further.  Remember that Prevention is better than cure.

However, people who do not show these symptoms could also spread the virus if they are carriers, which is most importantly why this advice to avoid formal or informal physical contact has been given.

While it is important to be cautious it doesn’t do any good to panic and spread messages about the disease that are not validated. There are many videos being circulated which are fake and fear mongering in nature. So before forwarding such messages or videos check for the veracity of the message.

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  1. I can’t say I’m afraid of the disease. My body is ailing under the heaviness of some diseases that are making my life difficult to live.
    Well, people will have to wave at each other as a form of greeting.

  2. The Covid19 virus is more a cautionary tale at this point. It presents mostly mild. The thing that scares me is not this specific virus.

    It is how fast this virus spread.

    There are worse virus in the wild, if they start spreading like this, then we are in big trouble.

  3. As one doctor says on youtube, “stay alert not anxious”. To be honest, I am very paranoid about contagious diseases in general. The thing is that most people are not very responsible, especially when it comes to protecting others.

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