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How to speed up hair growth

Letting your hair grow can be a difficult task. While for the lucky ones just wait a short time, others need more patience. A few tricks, however, can speed up the genetically predetermined process.

Cutting Regularly – Going to the hairdresser quite often prevents split ends from rising up and damaging your hair. It is important to cut the tips every 10 or 12 weeks.

Take it easy when using shampoo – Be careful how often you wash your hair because overdoing it can not only remove dirt but also remove important oils that help it grow. Use shampoo only at the root and let the product drain naturally. This will prevent the tips from getting dry.

Bet on hydration – Don’t underestimate the power of the hair mask. Most are made with acids that strengthen and promote hair growth. Hair oils also work very well. If it suffers from greasiness, apply it while showering, let it work for 10 minutes and then use the shampoo.

Rinse with cold water – Not a myth. Cold water makes hair softer and protects against damage from heat, sun, cold and pollution.

Do not curl hair with a towel – Post-bathing habit can cause split ends to form, forcing you to cut your hair more often. One tip is to opt for a microfiber fabric or even a sheet.

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  1. I like to keep my hair long, after perhaps 2 years, cut it until very short, and then keep it long again. 😀

    I am lazy to trim my hair, so keeping it long makes it easier for me. 😛

  2. I have always had scanty hair kind of hereditary. To retain whatever hair I have I oil my hair with coconut oil in which curry leaves have been fried.