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How to Make Your Blogs Rank High in Google Search Results

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Ranking high in search results is the most important requirement for any successful blogger. It is one thing to write about stuff that we are passionate about and another thing to have a large audience for our writing. There is no doubt that Virily as a platform is growing everyday and as a result, search engines would be viewing content from Virily more favorably. This should result in some of our work getting featured high in the search results. In one of my earlier posts, I have mentioned about several Virily authors who are ranking high in search results. We need more and more authors from Virily to do well that will collectively help all of us. I have given few points that could result in better page ranking. Since I am very new to blogging world, I request senior bloggers to correct me if need be.

1. Get Your Title Right – Our blog title should be about solving a problem or answering a question. It should preferably match with some of the frequently used search phrases. For instance, let us talk about a blog on Bahamas. If one is interested in traveling to this place, he would like to know “the places that one must visit in Bahamas” or “the stay options in Bahamas”. He would not be searching for phrases like “the best tailor in Bahamas”. So let intuition and creativity guide your title but make sure that you give it some thinking.

2. Keywords are Important but Only in Title – I never think of keywords when I write an article. So I write freely with a natural flow or else my writing would feel restrained. That said, I pay attention to the keywords in title. Every word in title has to be crafted carefully with some reference to a problem or a solution.

3. Quality Content – Always write original content. In some ways, nothing I know is original. Everything I know is something that I have learned from someone. So when I say original writing, it is about sharing what we already know in our own words. Most of us are great communicators and let us just communicate like how we would talk normally to friends. This would help in better engagement with our readers. Search engines monitor time spent by readers on our pages to understand reader engagement.

4. Promote your blogs – This is one area where I am guilty of not doing enough. We have many social media handles like Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and Pinterest where we can promote our blogs. Please remember not to spam social media pages as people would not like it. Enroll yourself in groups related to your blog topics. If your blog has a solution to a problem, then wait for someone asking for help on a related issue. You then step in with your short advice as a comment to their post and remember to add the blog link in the end. This would result in better traffic as compared to unsolicited posts form our end. Social media activity helps in improving the search ranking too.

5. Enjoy When People Read our Blogs– In the initial days, we must enjoy when more and more people show interest in reading our blogs. The growing audience should be our main focus and motivation. With a large number of steady audience for our posts, making money would never be too difficult. If we are in the process of improving reader base for our blogs, we should not worry too much about the earnings now. We cannot put the cart before the horse. So how to make money should be less of an issue at this stage. When we have a large enough audience tomorrow, it should create sufficient earning potential.

Do let me know if you find this article helpful and suggest ways of improving the same.

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    Do you make sure that your blog titles resemble frequently used search phrases?

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  1. SEO is a crucial part of blogging which I am struggling to learn. I write for different sites and my own blog. These tips for creating contents are helpful especially with those who are into blogging. Thank you for sharing. Yes, I also share my article on Facebook and Pinterest.

    • I also find it a bit difficult to use social media for promoting Virily in most social platforms except Pinterest. Need to find a way to do the same in platforms like Facebook. Since you have very good original pictures from your garden, would you like to share these in facebook forums meant for nature photography. It could work.

    • Carol, I agree with you that promoting our posts to our followers in social media is a bad idea. It could be annoying to bombard our friends with roo many posts. We should use groups or forums with like minded people for whom such posts are in line with what they expect. They may not be our friends but they share our interest.

  2. Most likely I am not a good blogger because I rarely consider some of the things you suggest in your article even though I know such things. It may also be because I feel that popular keywords are less able to describe the intent or essence of my writing, but I also recognize that it is a very subjective view. Likewise with things about promoting the blogs that I rarely do.
    Beyond that, I strongly agree that your advice is very correct and useful if someone wants to become a reliable blogger.

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