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How to Make Money Online the Smart Smarter Way

Last year I didn’t I didn’t make more than $200 the whole year and that’s because I made quite a number of mistakes that could have been avoided.

I’m going to be sharing with you these mistakes, that way, you know to avoid them so you can earn a good income for 2019.

Here goes.

1. Mistake Number 1: Stretching Myself Thin

So…like I was saying, I made a few mistakes last year and one of these mistakes was working on way too many sites.

You see, while I’ve known you can make money online, I sort of wanted to make all the money last year, hence my reactivating my profile on a few sites.

I would log into these sites, pit in hours of effort and get frustrated when I wasn’t earning like I expected.

Here are a few sites I worked it

– Book publishing wig Amazon

– Virily

– Mylot

– Bitlanders

– Steemit

– Bitshares

– Hubpages

– And my personal blog

Don’t get me wrong, all these are great sites to earn from, but trying to earn from all at the same time was an effort in futility, which I came to realise layer on.

2. Mistake Number 2- Not Being Consistent

Because I wasn’t really making any money from these sites, I became frustrated and became impatient, leading to my leaving all.

3. Mistake Number 3 – Not Knowing the Sites that Work with My Strength

I also didn’t identify sites that would work best with my strengths, that way, it would have been easier go earn money online.

Making Money the Smart Way

That said, to make money the smart way, you just have to do he following

1. Pick a site and at least two and stick with these until they start to yield.

2. Be consistent, even if you aren’t seeing results at the beginning.

3. Search out top earners on the sites and learn their secrets.

4. Lastly, do some marketing. While most sites don’t require any form of marketing for you go earn, doing any won’t hurt you in the long run.

Here’s to your earning good money online!

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