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How often should a heart beat in a minute?

Can you tell how often the heart beat in a minute? Or how often should I beat? In simple words, how often does a healthy heart beat every minute?

If not, let’s know that the heart rate of adults is considered to be moderate for 60 to 100. According to US Mayo Clinic , generally in the relaxing condition slow heart beat function is the symptoms of good fitness and healthy immune system.

For example, a professional athletic heart beat can be 40 per minute in a relaxing condition. To know the speed of your heart, just keep two fingers on the pulse, when the pulse feels, count the beating numbers for 15 seconds , and then multiply with 4, you will come to know that’s how often the heart is beating per minute.

If your heartbeat is extremely unusual or low, It can also be a sign of a problem. If heart beat is more than 100 per minute or less than 60 in comfort and with other signs like a vertigo, difficulty in breathing or feeling ill, refer to the doctor immediately.

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