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How much does it cost to have Jennifer Aniston’s youth?

According to writer Ian Halperin, author of bestseller Friends with Benefits, 250,000 euros is the amount Jennifer Aniston spends each year on therapy, yoga and laser treatments for firmer skin. These will be the essential pillars responsible for her physical and mental health. The American actress (Los Angeles, California, 1969) celebrated her 50th birthday on February 11 and features an image that leaves no one indifferent.

Aniston, who became known as Rachel in the Friends series, radiates youth, showing that in half a century of life you can be better than ever.

  • Would you invest that amount of money on yourself?

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    • No, even if i had that money


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  1. you don’t know how much of that is just good genes. some folks could spend eight times that and not get those results. conversely, you don’t know how much of that is makeup and photoshop…