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Hot tea cause throat cancer

Many tea addicts start their day with hot tea and feel fresh, but there is bad news for those who addict to hot tea since hot tea doubles the risk of throat cancer.

Report says,People who take more than 60 degree centigrade and tea 700 ml of a day. It  increase the risk of  throat cancer up to 90% compared to semi-hot or cold tea drinkers. According to the report, drinking too fast tea quickly expects throat cancer.

Report says, the primary reason for infringement of cancer is the use of smoking, drinking alcohol and very hot tea, which affects severe gastrointestinal disorders and stomach disorders. According to the American Cancer Society, this year, 13750 people were suffering from cancer cases in the United States while women were 39,000.

Stephen Evans, professor of London School of Health and Tropical Medicine, says, not only tea but all those things which are quickly used hotly in the microwave.

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