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Helicopter parents

When a person fills a mother or father position, his life completely changes and they have huge responsibility for training their child because their training will add a good or bad person to society.

However, some people mean that responsibility very wrongly, and become very sensitive to their child, they feel that they have the responsibility to monitor the child and interfere in each of their’s work.

This style of training proves to be destructive for children’s personality and creates negative aspect in their personality. Psychologists call such style of training a helicopter training or helicopter parenting and helicopter parents, Because they are shaking around their children at all times like a helicopter.

Let us see which habits of helicopter parents they are harming their children in education.

  • Helicopter parents do small work of children themselves
  • They also do children’s homework and school projects themselves
  • Such parents do not even avoid giving advice to teachers how to teach their children
  • If child child quarrel with friends then interfere with it.
  • Whether the child wants to do any new work or experience so they stop being afraid of failure.
  • If there is any problem with the child, they immediately help and child always depends on parents.
  • Interfering in child sports to academic activities is their first responsibility.
  • The chain continues to grow even after it grows, such parents do not stop interfering in the professional life of their child and take responsibility for the child professional life and preparation of Interview.
  • Such parents also interfere in children’s married life and thus differences occur between couple and sometimes between children and parents.

What does it harm on children?

  • Helicopter parents children are lazy and they cannot do their job confidently.
  • Even after the children grow older, they hesitate to make little decisions and are vulnerable
  • The child can not manage personal and professional tasks himself because they are not taught to do so.
  • The child does not get autonomous and depends on parents
  • The child does not get any healthy relations with anyone and becomes isolated.
  • After a failed attempt to handle life, the child (who is young now) gets dis heart, disturbed and depressed, especially if he is on a turn when the parents have left this world.

Remember, parent’s responsibility is not just to save the child from difficulties only, Problems come in every person’s life even if you avoid so much.

The main thing is to spend hard time and develop strategies to deal with it and this is possible only  when you teach the child to face difficulties and conditions as per the situation without any help.

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