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Heading to the Fair ~ Goals 9/14

This is going to be a rough day for me! I know it from the very beginning. He agreed that we would meet them at the fair. Here are the things I simply don’t love about going to this particular fair. (I am going to be straight forward and frank so tighten your seat belts.) 

We are going to the Utah State Fair and Utah drivers are some the worse and least considerate drivers on the planet. My brother in law would always warn, “don’t turn on a blinker to try and change lanes or they will block you for at least 50 miles.” So simply driving the 56 miles to get there will be a challenge.

Parking will cost at least $20.00 and your vehicle with get scratched and dinged, it’s a given.

Parents will not watch their children.

Language will be atrocious.

There will be people all about vaping and blowing whatever that is your face.

It will be miserably hot.

No one will make a decision and there will simply be much standing around.

Now, I would assume most of you are thinking why doesn’t this dumb lady just stay home. It’s simple “grandsons”.

My goals for the day.

1. Don’t lose my temper

2. Drink plenty of water and figure out where all the bathrooms are.

3. When hungry don’t ask where and what we are going to eat, simply get something and move on. When they want something they can do the same.

4. Know where the grandsons are at all times.

5. Remember I am there to build a memory for them. So paste on that smile and be thrilled with the things that thrill them.

6. Ignore the bickering

7. Reward great behaviors with a simple smile and thank you.

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    The question didn’t show up ~ so if it shows up two times now I appologize. Do you think I kept even one of my choices?

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    Will this be the day my streak ends?

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  1. I will tell you that the best childhood memories I have are of spending time with my grandparents. Those memories, remind me of the great joy, I miss my grandparents.

    you are doing great!