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Happy Mother’s Day

A mother is a mother, it doesn’t matter if the mother is human or animal. Look at the way the monkey holds her baby, the tight embrace makes the baby feel loved and secure.  The warmth from the mother’s body makes the baby feel comfortable. The arms around the baby holds it in place and keep it from falling. Those hands are ready to protect and save from any attackers or predators.

When a woman becomes a mother her life is put on hold and the baby becomes the center of her being. It’s all about the baby from then on. It’s amazing how these instincts come into play the moment a baby is born. The selfishness of the past is gone and selflessness is born.

The transition and the transformation which happens through the nine months and beyond is incredible. The divine nature in human seems to come to the fore. Hats off to all the mothers of the world. Thank you for doing what you do. The sacrifice and the pain you bear for your children’s sake is admirable.

Happy mothers day!!

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  1. Wonderful photo. Every Mother’s Day I really miss my mom. Sometimes animal mothers are even more protective of their babies than human mothers. A loving mother is always the best kind of mother and if you have one like that then you are very lucky.

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