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"Halley’s Comet Appears This Week! With Shooting Star Show"

This favorite of all space phenomena was Last Seen In 1986, but it’s coming around this week not to return for many years.

So, where, how and when to see this phenomenal shooting stars show?

While the spectacle runs from October 2 through November 7, the best night to watch for the myriad of shooting stars from the Orionid meteor is Monday through Tuesday, October 21 and 22, 2019.

The best time will be after midnight when your location will be on the nightside of Earth. A lawn chair or deckchair is perfect for watching meteor showers, though the best advice is always to wrap up warm. Then let your eyes adjust to the dark and just watch the night sky (in this case, look generally southeast towards Orion).

Whatever you do don’t stop looking, and absolutely do not look at your smartphone. Its white light will instantly kill your night vision.



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