Random “In the News” Health Quiz!

There are forever questions about our health. New research is reported every day.

How much do you understand, recognize or are knowledgeable of up-to-date and future innovations in health? Some of this news will astonish or baffle you, discover all of this in my challenging quiz.

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    A child in the U.S. was diagnosed with “childhood Alzheimers” when her parents first noticed swallowing problems. At what age was she diagnosed?

    • 4 years
    • 6 Years
    • 2 Years
    • 7 Years
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    Why were 3 women from China who went to South Korea for plastic surgery not allowed to board an aircraft?

    • Wrong birthdates
    • their faces didn’t match those of their passport photos
    • fake passports
    • smuggling drugs
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    Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease with very serious complications if left untreated. In 19th century France, it was often associated with…

    • male artists
    • male swimmers
    • male actors
    • male athletes
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    What one simple thing can help prevent urinary tract infections?

    • plenty of apple juice
    • plenty of grape juice
    • plenty of water
    • plenty of soya milk
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    Scientists in Ireland have discovered protein found in tears, saliva and this product can generate electricity. Name the product.

    • blue cheese
    • egg whites
    • yeast
    • tomatoes
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    What procedure left a Canadian model in pain and partially blind?

    • eye surgery
    • applying permanent eyelashes
    • eyeball tattoo
    • applying her own mascara
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    Who has performed the first Automated Dental Implant?

    • Chinese robot
    • man who is blind in one eye
    • person with one arm
    • person who isn’t a dentist
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    In Australia, research has found that ______ may help injured brain tissue.

    • earth worms
    • lemon grass
    • sea weed
    • secretion from leaves
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    In Belfast, scientists say this product could reverse tooth decay. Name it.

    • bottled sparkling water
    • plenty of dental floss
    • liquid magnesium
    • aspirin
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    Labs @ Vanderbilt and Harvard University are working with this machine which could be used to help heal human tissue. What machine is it?

    • tool and die
    • cotton candy
    • popcorn
    • slow cooker


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