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“Get down! That’s too dangerous!”

I have heard this from many adults when my kids are doing some “risky” actions in the park or even in our yard. I am thankful for those helpful adults, even those strangers who keep warning my kids and I as they are afraid that my kids will fall down and break their limbs, or even worse, their head.

I just read this post from a parenting blog. She mentioned research has shown that some behavior problems are actually caused by kids being declined in risky outdoor play. Though I did not relate those “risky actions” with their behaviors, I always think it is good to let the kids play more in outdoor, especially in the nature. It’s not that I don’t care about my kids, it’s just that I trust their judgment and ability. They don’t really play risk, they do it when they are confident. I also believe the more they practice, the better they will be and the more confident they will be too.

Of course, accidents might happen, but after “analyzing and evaluating the risk”, I still think I should let them do it. I think it’s good to teach the kids how to play safely and they will learn how to judge and do it carefully. These are not only good for building their physical skills and confidence, but also good lessons to be applied when they grow up. They will learn to judge and evaluate every challenging situation, and then decide whether they can and want to do it.

Would you allow your kids to take certain level of risk?

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  1. Sometimes my heart hurts when I look at my grandchildren as they climb up to the playground, the trees. But all of them can not be allowed. However, we can warn they that some games can also be dangerous.

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