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Gamma our pet rooster

Of the 5,  Gamma lived for 12 years and gave us a lot of happiness with his friendly nature.  He took care of us in several ways.  He could recognise strangers and go after them. He would alert us if he saw reptiles. 

Gamma and Preiti our dog were the best of friends.  They played together, and even went for strolls together   He was very fond of our maid.  He would knock at the door where she would sit for her studies and then jump up and sit on here books. 

It was a sad day for us when he breathed his last.  We will never ever have chickens as pets as old age does not suit them.  They suffer in many ways. 

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  1. I really love my sister’s 3 hens which are free range, and I call them “Three little maids from school” after Gilbert & Sullivan, but these will talk to you if you walk across the field and will let you pat them as well.
    I would love free range hens but our place is packed with cats…


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