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Friday in Black and White – Macro texture

Finally! I managed to sign in to Virily and I was able to sare this photo with Friday in Black and White Challenge. I took the picture some time ago. I found this wilted leaf under the pot of poinsettia. Lucky me! I needed a  macro texture for a competition I would like to participate in. 

But I’m in the dilemma! I’m not sure this picture is good enough or I You !

So I ask for your help! 

  • Do you think this photo deserves to be enrolled in a contest?

    • Yes
    • No
    • You should find something else

What do you think?

9 points

Written by Ileana Calotescu


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      • Sorry I actually thought this was a Carol’s post (hahahah :D) Sorry…!!! πŸ˜€ But either way I have the same opinion…! πŸ™‚
        Yes, I guess that is because I’m an artist and drawn mostly to visual things, hehehe πŸ˜‰ The emoticon is winking and these are smiling and winking too, I don’t understand your question?

          • It’s hard to explain emotions (therefore are emoticons…) but I’ll try…: It was meant to confirm your choice and will to put this photo into the contest since I saw it as such one too – which I think is quite clear from the first sentence of my comment, therefore the question was just in place! And I don’t know why and how you took it completely the opposite and negative then if following the “sense” of the whole comment from the start…

        • I’m not referring to a Virily contest. Here I can put everything even if it’s not very professional. I am referring to a contest on a photo site! Your message was a positive one, but your emoticon has made me understand that I do not have to take you seriously. This is all! Β  As for emoticons … if I do not understand their meaning better I do not use them.

          • Who said anything about Virily contest (which I actually don’t know what are you talking about since there is NO SUCH ONE..)??? I know what you were referring to that is why I said what I said..

            That is the wrong interpretation…. The emoticon meant “I got (understand) you”

            Last time you also interpreted me wrong when I said “I supported even the ones I didn’t like”, where I only expressed myself the wrong way and didn’t Actually mean I didn’t like something at all but less, but when I explained it you didn’t believe me and thought I was fooling you

            I am using ones

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