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Free Online Event: Raising Toddlers Conference

Date: 16 – 30 September 2019

Venue: Online

Cost: Free

I just found this online conference which is coming up very soon. My youngest son is now 3 years old, though I am not sure if he is still considered as toddler, as he can walk steadily and even run well, I think this conference is still good for those who are taking care of kids below 5 years old.

As I currently face challenges which I really don’t know how to solve with my youngest, I hope I can learn some good ways in dealing with my challenges from this conference.

If you are interested, you can find out more about the conference here.


Picture credit: @kaka135 – My youngest son’s playing with sand

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    • There are actually a lot. 😀

      My biggest challenge with my youngest is he likes to hit and throw things, and if I ask him not to do so, he gets angry easily… Basically, it’s that he gets angry easily. He has been like this since he was very young, and I have no idea how he learned this, or he’s just born to be like this (my other two kids are not like this). I totally against violence and hitting at home, hence I am always finding ways to help him to deal with this, and help other siblings not to get hurt. There was once I found out that if I didn’t let him hurt others, he hurt himself (not badly, but it’s still something I need to help him out)….

      Despite the challenges, he’s always a sweet and cute boy. My elder kids love him sometimes, but dislike him when he’s being too aggressive. 😀

        • Yes, I do believe kids come with their own personalities, traits or temperaments, as parents, we are here to guide and help them to stay balanced. I am learning to be more balanced myself too. 😛