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Fort Knox The World’s Safest and strongest building

If someone asks you which place of the world’s safest and strong building So the answer is Fort Knox, because this place is more secure than you think.

What Is this Fort Knox? More than half of America’s gold reserves are kept in Fort Knox, and based on its security and infrastructure, it is considered the safest place in the planet. It’s far off to go near the building, no one even can think about going to this building.

The original name of this building is ‘United States Billions Depository. Steel cover is surrounded by the building. According to US Treasury, the building is made of concrete, granite and steels so that it can not be exterminated by any type of external.

According to US Treasury’s information, Fort Knox is equipped with the latest defense weapons, but which kind of weapon, nothing can be said about this for sure, but estimation can be determined that underground land mines are surrounded by this building and there is also an electric-fence around this building.

Automatic machine guns will start firing as soon as any one feet on the laser line while the building and the surrounding area monitor by satellite 24 hours. Nothing about the security issues is kept hidden from the treasury administration, and there is a guard box placed on the four corners of the building.

There are also shooting ranges in the Fort Knox’s Basement where the specialist shooters are ready at all times. In any emergency, this basement can accommodate 400,000 soldiers and employees.

Fort Knox has its own emergency power generation plant and water system and Fort Knox is also counting in the buildings where no kind of visit can be made. Walt’s door are made of steel and concrete and weighs of this door is more than 20 tons and only few employee have access to lock combination. of this door.

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