Create Homemade Party Food from Your Home Garden

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

For the past 5 or 6 years, growing your own garden has become very popular, mostly because people want to be self-sufficient as well as enjoy eating non-toxic food. Many people have started growing their own vegetables, fruits and herbs, preferably indoors or inside a green house in order to make sure the homegrown foods are safe to eat from any chemtrail or any chemicals in the air.

Last year, I attended some seminars at the mall, such as Crate & Barrel and William Sonoma stores. Crate & Barrel seminar was about herbs, which was interesting because I eat Vegan and Vegetarian food, and I wanted to learn new ideas for cooking vegan/vegetarian dishes. I checked out some demonstrations with some products, such as Herb Scissors, kale and greens stripper, glass herb keeper, and 4-blade spiralizer.

#1 Homemade Party Food from your Garden

Unsalted butter is fresher. Add herbs, and mix well, before placing in the freezer. You can also create your own blue cheese butter, herb butter, organic yogurt, yogurt cheese, and lip balm with olive oil and herbs. Consider making your own Mojito Mint Cookies.

Other popular greens include sprouts and spinach.

You can use your own garden foods for your summer parties by creating refreshing infused water, grilled flatbreads, fruit kebob, Veggie Kebob, and small desserts for garden cocktail parties.

Create your own dressing with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and citrus herb rub. Mince or finely chop three pieces of garlic. Also, finely chop a handful of parsley. Add citrus herb. Mix together.

Use store-bought dough. Some stores, like Trader Joes and Mother’s Market, have a vegan and gluten-free dough. You just open up and spread the dough, add mixture on top, and put in a Panini maker.

Sea salt and infused sea salt are important ingredients to use in your food.

Lavender can be turned and twisted, before placing it in a glass container.

Fresh mint can be stuffed into another glass container.

Peel off lemon peel and place into a jar. Pour cold water into these jars. You can make lemon zest with these peels.

Culinary lavender cures sour stomach.

Make your own flatbread and lemon bar squares, and add powdered sugar over the lemon bar squares.

There are three types of vanilla as well as two bottles of whipped heavy cream. Place two bottles of whipped cream, vanilla, and powdered sugar into a blender. Then, place strawberries into a bowl. Slice the strawberries and add three tablespoons of balsamic vinegar. Add four tablespoons of powdered sugar. Slice the sponge cake, warm it on the grill, and add the strawberries over the slices. Then, place some whipped cream over the strawberries.

New Lemonade drinks:

Lemon-cucumber infused water sounds refreshing, especially when chilled.

Lemon zest/mint infused water is another refreshing summer drink.

Lemon zest/lavender infused water

#2 Interesting Kitchen Items

The spiralizer looks cool because you can make veggie noodles and veggie pasta as well as potato chips slicer.  Angel Hair Cucumber can be made in spiral noodles, which is better known as vegan pasta.

One of the blades can be used on eggplants, as well as any other hard veggies. It makes curved spirals pasta.

The help keeper stores greens for up to two weeks, and sometimes for as long as 4 to 6 weeks, if you monitor it and change the water, and give it some sunlight.

#3 Summer Garden Party Ideas

Moreover, they talked about freezing tomatoes. Growing oregano will tend to spread, like mint and weeds.

Basil is perfect for making vegan pesto.

Cilantro, mint, parsley, and lettuce are other popular herbs.

It is important to allure beneficial insects to your gardens, such as Monarch butterflies, bees, and other insects by growing lots of flowers.

Sage, Italian parsley, and CA Bay Laurel keep ants away.

A dehydrator is a usual product to have in order to make your own homemade jams and other vegan food.

Bee balm plant is also perfect for your garden.

When making tea, stuff pot with tea leaves. Popular tea leaves include German Chamomile, mints, and rosehips.

When making potpourri, consider lavender, rose, mints, calendula, and thyme as well as Italian parsley and rosemary.


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    • i know. i wanted to grow my own veggie, fruit, and herb garden in an indoor container, but i dont have a green thumb. i kept killing anything. so, i gave up.